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When your shooting endeavors demand high performance and pinpoint accuracy, you can rely on SIG Sauer firearms to deliver nothing but the best. Our Sig Sauer Firearms lineup includes robust and ultra-reliable AR-style rifles, 1911-inspired 380 ACP and 9mm concealed carry pistols, and ergonomic full-sized duty guns chambered in hard-hitting 10mm or 45 ACP, with endless choices in sights, capacities, and designs. These sig sauer firearms have garnered numerous military contracts, from its earliest beginnings in Switzerland to 2017, when the US Army adopted a variant of the P320 as its service pistol, with many law enforcement divisions following suit. As part of a global network of firearm manufacturers including Germany-based J.P. Sauer & Sohn, and Blaser, Gmbh., Sig Sauer firearms continue to surpass all others in innovation, with world-class engineering and design tailored to the needs of its customers.


How did SIG arms come into existence?

When you think about or compare firearms, few brands can rival the prestige of SIG Sauer. Founded in 1853, the Swiss company is the cradle of battlefield-tested and ingenious weapons. Today, it is a respected manufacturer with a global presence of SIG Sauer dealers like SIG Sauer Core and a loyal following of shooters and enthusiasts.

The first brick of what you identify as SIG Sauer was laid in the mid-19th century as a Swiss wagon factory that began crafting rifles to supplement its income. Over time, the company’s focus shifted from railway cars and wagons to guns produced massively for Swiss use and exports to other countries, including the US. In the following decades, SIG strengthened its commitment to innovating small firearms for sale and developing new configurations to outperform then-popular pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

As of now, SIG is headquartered in Newington, NH, and has a presence in over 100 countries. At SIG Sauer Core, we are proud to run this SIG Sauer gun shop to cover the needs of those who revere the long-established brand’s creations in the US.

Why are SIG arms always in vogue?

If you are a shooting enthusiast, you know SIG is synonymous with exemplary accuracy and engineering excellence. It’s a role model in the firearms world, with many military agencies and civilians enhancing their shooting with the brand’s weapons. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, or a casual gun admirer, there is a SIG Sauer for sale that will make you proud of owning it.

For some, SIG is known for pistols and rifles created and assembled with remarkable finesse. The company operates a technology-first facility and employs over 1,000 people to bolster its manufacturing capacity with advancement. This results in firearms that bring instant gratification to whoever gets their hands on them.

For others, SIG firearms for sale are lauded for their versatility. The brand pampers you with multiple choices for self-defense if you’re a pistol person, hunting if your hobbies often take you in the woods, and professional shooting if you do it for more than just satisfying your cravings. SIG’s options have many configurations and performance features – from compact pistols to long-range rifles – designed to impress.

Top-of-the-range SIG weapons

Those looking to buy weapons that exemplify SIG and its originality will never be disappointed. One of the brand’s recognizable game-changers is the P226, a full-size, recoil-operated pistol that has quite a fan base. The pistol is exclusive to SIG, let alone its multiple configurations.

Another top-of-the-line SIG firearm is the MCX Virtus, a modular rifle engineered for unshakeable performance and versatility. The MCX Virtus embodies SIG’s principle of innovativeness and has numerous configurations, including a pistol version. With its compact platform and mods-ready design, the rifle is an excellent choice for shooters who are in for the best.

But SIG has a lot more to offer. Check it out at the SIG Sauer Core weapons store and select what you want us to send to your FFL dealer.


Whether you’re a beginning shooting enthusiast or a seasoned professional, our Sig Sauer firearms for sale are a lineup of pistols and rifles that provide a strong foundation for building an impressive arsenal. From the highly modular and thoroughly tested P320 to the exceptionally reliable and easy to conceal P238, Sig Sauer pistols ensure you’ll never settle for second best. Along with extremely accurate handguns, this firearm manufacturer builds some of the most impressive rifles and SBRs in the business. One model in the rifle lineup is the MCX, which allows for barrel changes and stock configurations on the fly, has a monolithic upper receiver with an integral M1913 rail, as well as an ultra-compact design for CQB scenarios. As a full stocking Sig Sauer dealer, we have the models and calibers you want, including the highly popular and out of the box accurate P365, in the styles and colors you desire, as well as an extensive selection of suppressors, parts, and accessories. We are the online Sig store that offers the best products for the lowest prices in the industry, as we believe you should never settle for anything less.